Hogswallow – Card Game


A card game of mythic storytelling.

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Hogswallow is an open ended, mythical storytelling game for 2 to 6 players. Players use the primitive imagery on the cards to guide the creation of a cohesive tale. The glyphs on the cards do not have any fixed meanings. They are purposefully pliable, designed to jump start the imagination, and may be interpreted differently from player to player and game to game.

Hogswallow is wonderfully adaptable and suitable for any age and any group, as the stories told are created completely by the participants. It has been played by school children, middle aged adults, families, strangers at conventions, and everything in between. The cards themselves have been used as classroom aids, writing prompts, fortune telling tools, and impromptu acting guides. We, however, prefer to play it as a game and provide the three most common variations of play in the included rule sheet.

54 casino quality cards (and the guidelines for play) come packaged in a hand stamped cloth drawstring bag.

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