Are You Mental? (Base Game)

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A crazy casual RPG about lunatic superheroes who escape the asylum and go on wacky adventures.

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“Are You Mental?” is a crazy, casual, silly fun, no-prep role playing game about lunatic superheroes on absurdist adventures.

It uses two decks of cards (included) and all the dice you own (not included.)

An average game takes about 2 hours, for 3 to 8 players ages 13 and up.

This is a game that doesn’t take itself seriously or anyone else for that matter. And it can be played by absolutely anyone, even those people who don’t play traditional role-playing games! The rules are as light and easy to grasp, with enough randomness to be totally out of control, yet enough structure to be an absolute blast to play.

“Are You Mental?” also makes for a great pick-up game for those nights when you just don’t want to invest in a serious or long-running campaign. It works great for transitioning friends from party style games to the RPG genre, and can really save your bacon if a crucial player for your dark and brooding Vampires in Space game bails unexpectedly and you still want to rock the evening without them!

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nancy Hutchins

    I ran two sessions of “Are You Mental?” at Gary Con X (2018) this past weekend. I described the event as “’Are You Mental?’ is a crazy, casual, silly fun, no prep role playing game where the worst possible thing that can happen to anybody is to go stark raving sane! It is a game that doesn’t take itself seriously, or anyone else for that matter. And it can be played by absolutely anyone, even those people who DON’T play traditional role playing games!” All 8 tickets for each session sold out very quickly.

    I did add a few things to the game: floorplans of Ironwolf Asylum, a city map that the asylum is set in, table tents for names, an aid card to help filling out their character profile sheets, and I added the A.C.M.E. deck from “Are You Looney?” for fun. Showing the players the A.C.M.E. deck brought on laughing groans. After filling out the necessary “admissions forms”, the smiling, snickering and laughter began to start. From then on it was belly laughs, incredible role playing, outrageous plot devices and schemes, even crawling on the floor!

    When the games were over, everyone said what a great time they had, Even the next day, I heard players telling others about the game and what blast it was to play. Don’t be surprised if several folks coming visiting here to get their own copy. Many asked where to get the game.

    I ran each session in 2 hours, I next time I will schedule it for 3 hours. As the Warden, I was really worried about being able to come up with plot elements on the fly and keep the story/adventure going, but it was so much fun playing off of what the players gave me to work with that it just fell into place. I also strongly suggest getting “Are You Looney?” if not to just get the A.C.M.E. deck which added so much chaos, fun, and unique opportunities for the players to try outrageous things.

    I wish I had thought of this game!

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