Are You Looney? (Cartoon expansion for Are You Mental?)


Classic Cartoon expansion for Are You Mental?

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“Are You Looney?” is the silly slapstick expansion of cartoon insanity for the “Are You Mental?” role-playing game!

In Are You Looney? you get to play classic zany cartoon characters in episodes of absolute mayhem! This expansion also introduces inventory to the game with the ACME Deck from which you can obtain all sorts of wacky gizmos and wonderful props. Of course, there is always a risk that you won’t get exactly what you ordered.

This is not a stand-alone product and will not work without the base game. You do the need the basic rules, both decks (Challenge Deck and Deck of Very Bad Things), the initiative cards, and the Doctor’s Notes from Are You Mental? to use this expansion. You will also need a lot of dice, at least 6 for each player and some pencils.

This expansion adds a 45 card ACME Deck, 7 new Very Bad Things cards, a new character sheet, and a movie studios pitch sheet.

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