Are You Brains? (Zombie Expansion for Are You Mental?)


Zombie Expansion for Are You Mental? RPG

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“Are You Brains?” is the horrible expansion of zombies eating people for the “Are You Mental?” Role-Playing Game!

In Are You Brains? you get to play hungry, almost mindless, zombies on a quest to slay innocent people, rip out their brains, and devour them! You may chose to play cooperatively, wherein every player must collect three brains for the team to succeed, or competitively in which the first player to collect and keep five brains wins.

This is not a stand alone product and will not work without the base game. You do the need the basic rules, both decks (Challenge Deck and Deck of Very Bad Things), the initiative cards, the Doctor’s Notes, and the Character sheets from Are You Mental? to use this expansion. You will also need a lot of dice, at least 6 for each player plus a handful of 6 sided dice for the Warden.

This expansion adds a 45 card Brains Deck, which represents your victims, 5 new Very Bad Things cards, a Runner card, and a Fighter card.

Please Note: You will need the base game in order to play.

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